The Eisen Agency



We enjoy that mix, and find that we all learn and grow from another both as professionals and as people. From politics to pop culture, we enjoy sitting together for lunch as a team almost every day to share, debate, laugh and learn.  We are colleagues. We are friends. We celebrate one another’s victories, we teach each other our tricks and our tried and true methods – all to the benefit of our clientele and everyone’s professional growth.

Each of us represents one or more non profit groups, and help when and where we can. We are involved in our professional organizations and have been for many, many years. From our service with PRSA, AdClub, Legacy, AMA and so many others, our team is constantly growing as professionals, and giving back of their time through tireless volunteer work. Former members of our team have gone on to be leaders in the field in businesses and organizations throughout the area – and we are very proud of them.

We may not be the smartest, we may not have all the answers, we don’t have the corner on creativity or strategy like some of our competition claims, but without question we will out hustle and out work our competition. We don’t believe there is a pompous mystery to what we do, and find most other firms self absorbed with their own brilliance. While we are creative and brimming with big ideas, we are workman like in our attitude, and believe in doing the right thing, and doing what it takes to objectively work our tails off to achieve the goals our clientele has entrusted us to endeavor toward – big idea or small – we believe in “whatever it takes.”

There’s no politics here. We legitimately and honestly enjoy working together, congratulating one another and working toward the common goal of client, professional and personal success. We brew our own beer. We play trivia together. We’re fun. We work hard, and we understand how to properly combine the two. The E in our logo doesn’t stand for Eisen, it is reflective to our commitment summed up in three words: Excellence. Extraordinary. Empowerment.


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