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Rodger Roeser

Our founder/owner is an accomplished and dynamic live presenter and speaker. Since his younger career days as a television anchor and reporter, Roeser has been comfortable onstage with a microphone, and often with his trusty Fender P Bass guitar. He has spoken and continues as a regular speaker for a variety of groups and organizations, and has done so across the country for a number of professional trade groups, business and professional organizations, and aspiring future pros.


Speaking Topics

Everything I Learned About Marketing I Learned in an 80s Hair Band

Level: General Business It’s true. The leader of one of Cincinnati’s premier marketing and public relations firm began his career as a professional journalist – and hard rock musician in the 1980s. And, while he’s traded in his Aqua-Net and spandex for a suit and tie, these 10 marketing strategies learned as a successfully performing rocker are just as true today. In this inspirational, light hearted and informative talk, Roeser shares his 10 best strategies for business success. This talk is relevant to all senior level business owners who don’t necessarily directly handle marketing, but need to best understand best practices and strategies in the marketing of their business.

Social Media is the Opiate of the People

Level: Business Communicators Marketing is no longer the management of the finite, but rather the management of the infinite. Roeser shares the best practices in the use and integration of social media as a piece of an overall marketing mix to assist in the branding, reputation management and direct communication of messages to the desired audiences, how to build that, protect it, and manage it properly and effectively.

The Critical Nature of Custom Branded Content and Content Development

Level: Expert Level Marketers No longer does an organization or individual have to rely on “mass media” to get the word out. In this day, custom content is king. From self-published books and corporate magazines, to company TV shows, podcasts and newsletters, content developed by a company for its publics is a major focus of communications. It is critical to create this content properly so it will be absorbed by the desired publics, and to create strong content with strong writing, and Roeser shares the practical strategies involved.

Hey, Get a Job!

Level: College Now that you’ve spent all that money getting some of that scholarly book learnin’, it’s time to look for a professional job. Unfortunately, what you learned in the classroom may not be what you need in order to actually land that gig in the corporate cubicle or PR firm. Roeser shares in a dynamic (and scared straight) fashion all the things a graduating senior in marketing communications needs to know for them to land that first job, and the real skills required from a PR person (that you’ll never learn in any textbook).

Be More Successful with Your Business Communications Strategies

Level: Business Leader In this “must listen” presentation, Roeser shares with business communicators and business leaders the most successful and effective business communications strategies to streamline communications, rein in costs, build brand and reputation, and create long term business opportunities. This presentation explores practical marketing tactics, better managements and selection of the marketing team (and agency), and all those hip marketing secrets you wish you knew.

Digital PR

Public relations means a lot of different things to different people. For some, they think of publicity, for others “spin.” But in reality, PR is just what it sounds like it is – the ongoing actions of relating to your publics. And those publics are varied – customers, employees, partners, and yes, the media. In today’s PR landscape, however, the media isn’t the best way to relate to your varied publics. What is? Digital PR. In this seminar, Roeser shares the advantages of a digital PR strategy, how to implement it, how to create the right content, and most importantly, how to leverage your content.

PR 101: Tips for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Startups

Public relations efforts are essential to the success of your business. While it may not seem like a top priority, managing the communication between your business and the public is critical. But, where do you start? And how do you get the most bang for your buck? In this PR 101 workshop, Cresta shares basic tips on how to promote your business and maintain a positive image, whether it’s with your customers, the media, investors or other businesses.

Getting Positive Publicity for Your Brand

Media relations is still a valuable tool in the PR tool box. News outlets still need good stories to tell. And journalists still need sources in which to find and share those stories. But the news media landscape has experienced significant changes over the last decade. And it will continue to evolve. In this talk, Cresta explains how to continue getting positive publicity for your brand, even in the midst of this changing landscape.

The Role PR Plays in Your Overall Marketing Mix

PR efforts are more successful if they are part of your overall marketing mix. The goal is to build awareness of your brand, change people’s perceptions about your brand, and in the end, sell your products or services. In this talk, you will learn how media relations, content development, events and social media play an important role in the marketing mix.

Why Your Business Needs a Crisis Communications Plan

Crises by their very nature are unpredictable. They can come in all shapes and sizes – from a minor issue that can be managed, to a full-blown crisis that can severely damage a brand’s reputation. Add social media to the mix, and the method and speed in which a company responds become even more critical. In this talk, Cresta explains why every business needs a crisis communications plan.


Roeser is also available for ½ day and full day workshops for your business, organization or marketing team.
  • Social Media Training: $500/$750
  • Media Relations Training: $1000/$1250
  • Crisis Management Training: $1500/$1750
  • Sales Team Training: $1000/$1250
  • Marketing Team Audit: $1000 (1/2 Day Only)
  • Workflow Review/Audit: $1000 (1/2 Day Only)
  • Digital PR Training: $1000 (1/2 Day Only)
  • Marketing Budget: $1500 (Full Day Only)
  • Developing a Marketing Plan: $2000 (Full Day Only)
+ travel expenses and workbooks/leave behinds