“We simply didn’t have the time, creativity or skill set to market our firm effectively and consistently. Eisen lifted burdens, provided great ideas and are an integral part of our lead generation and growth”


– Ameridian Commercial

The actions involved in marketing are broad and sweeping, and depends almost entirely on what is necessary to enable a client to more effectively build business, increase leads and develop sales opportunities. If sales is “the nail,” marketing is the “hammer” in creating, building and maintaining a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

As part of your marketing mix, our team of marketing specialists and experts is available to assist your business in customizing the exact solutions for your needs, or in help executing your marketing programs and make them a reality.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Market & Demographic Research/Analysis
  • Sales Promotions Coordination
  • Internal Sales Team Training & Evaluation
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Customer Rewards & Incentives
  • Direct Response
  • Marketing & Communications Audit
  • Competitive Analysis